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Dungeon Guide - Skullcano

Wildstar Version

You've ventured deep into Whitevale, running over zombies with motorcycles, bombing mining operations, eating Lopp, and building snowmen. You've unlocked every one of your class abilities, and already “pwn’t STL” and other low-level dungeons. You've earned yourself some vacation time. Why not check out the beautiful, relaxing paradise of Skullcano!

Skullcano is a 5-man mid-level dungeon intended for players around level 35, but allowing entry as early as level 32. To discover the dungeon, take a trip to Wigwalli Village, a Lopp-based community in central Whitevale, and right-click the boat docked on the nearby river. Once you’re inside grab your friends, favorite LAS, and sunglasses and prepare to kick some serious butt.

Optional Objectives and Challenges:
• Defeat Stew Shaman Tugga
• Free 8 Captured Lopps
• Gather 7 Primal Fire Essences
• Avoid Laveka’s Fire Attacks
• Mine 10 Gold-Infused Lava Cores
• Survive the Molten Cavern’s Heat
• Free 15 Redmoon Prisoners
• Slay 40 Redmoon Marauders
• Hack 3 Redmoon Cluster Missile Consoles
• Defeat Quartermaster Gruh
• Gather 5 shiny objects of pure gold
• Defeat Mordechai Redmoon with 10 minutes of entering the final cave

Gold Run Requirements:
• Complete all optional objectives and challenges assigned
• Complete the instance within 30 minutes (Timer starts on first pull)
• No player deaths

You first enter the instance in the bottom-right corner of the map, on a dock protruding from a friendly-looking beach. Proceed from the dock across the warm, sun-kissed white sand towards the mainland to encounter your first boss, Stew Shaman Tugga.

Stew Shaman Tugga
This Moodie shaman offers a rather straightforward fight that relies on a few interrupts and some minor telegraph dodging. His normal auto attacks deal relatively low damage, so don’t concern yourself too much with those. For the first portion of the fight, he’ll simply rotate between auto attacking and casting Molten Rain, so keep an eye out for the small red telegraphs that appear in the area and waddle out of ‘em. Once he reaches 75%, Stew Shaman Tugga will cast a group-wide subdue and knockdown, and scatter several pieces of meat from his cauldron. For the next 20 or so seconds, he will run between each shank of delicious USDA Choice meat, channeling at each piece to devour it, gaining a stacking move speed and damage buff, along with a substantial heal. Interrupt him as he attempts to eat each piece of meat to prevent him from healing and to invoke a Moment of Opportunity (MoO), amplifying the damage he takes. After his feeding frenzy ceases, Tugga will continue casting Molten Rain and auto attacking for a while and the whole cycle repeats. Most groups should only see 1 feeding frenzy phase, as this boss does not have too much health, and will crumple easily.

On rare occasion, Stew Shaman Tugga will drop a Magma Totem that pulses for moderate damage with a large cross-shaped telegraph. Destroy these totems quickly to avoid too much damage , or attempt to pull the boss out of range of the totem. Additionally, Stew Shaman Tugga can cast an interruptible ability called Into the Stew that stuns a random player, plopping them into the stew pot for large amounts of damage every second for several seconds. Either interrupt the cast or use a stun break ability to avoid being cooked alive. During the Feeding Frenzy phase, players can also eat the meat that spawns, increasing their damage, but it’s generally not worth it, as the damage gained from interrupting the boss and invoking a MoO typically outweighs any benefit given by the meat.

Molten Rain
• Interruptible (Must break 2 Interrupt Armor (IA) first, though)
• Does moderate damage to anyone hit by the fireballs
• Each fireball leaves behind a small red telegraph that ticks for similar impact damage every second
• Dodge the telegraphs and save your interrupts for Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy
• Everyone in the group gets knocked down and disarmed
• Pick up your weapon and begin chasing the boss around from meat shank to meat shank
• Stew Shaman Tugga loses his Interrupt Armor during this phase and can be easily CC’d while casting Devour Flesh, invoking a moment of opportunity each time
• Allowing the boss to eat a piece of meat will apply a stacking damage/move speed buff, along with a substantial heal, so don’t slack off on interrupts!

Once you have defeated Stew Shaman Tugga, begin travelling north-west towards the next boss. If you’re shooting for a gold run, or just like completing challenges, there are roughly 12 Lopps held prisoner in the area, that look like this:

As you travel along the path, there are a few groups of trash mobs to pull. None of them is particularly scary unless you pull too many at once. Each of them has 1-2 interrupt armor, and most of them can knockdown and deal significant damage if allowed to complete their casts. Beware of hitting mushrooms during your fights, as each mushroom explodes roughly 2 seconds after being hit, inflicting a knockdown and blind to everyone caught in a relatively large circular AoE.

After a few packs of mobs, a few mushrooms (Mr. Frodo), and cutting loose some poor Lopp, you’ll find yourself on the top of a small cliff leading to an arena with Thunderfoot.

Thunderfoot is a large bear/ape/dinosaur who enjoys mushrooms and tearing the arms off of humanoids. This fight tends to be “make-or-break” for a lot of groups, as Thunderfoot hits *HARD*. The fight is relatively straightforward, and it’s possible for everyone but the tank to get by without taking any damage. As soon as you engage the boss, he’ll hit the colossal mushroom located right next to him, falling down and invoking a moment of opportunity. Make note of this. Mushrooms = good. After the MoO expires, Thunderfoot will lumber back onto his feet, and begin swinging at whoever has the highest threat. He’ll alternate between a large frontal arc that hits like a truck, and an expanding circular ground slam that you do *not* want to be hit with. Every time he uses the ground slam, ensure that you’re out of the telegraph, and jump into the air shortly before his fists hit the ground. Failing to jump will cause you to suffer a brief knockback effect and a small chunk of damage. This affects everyone in the arena, regardless of their range from the ground slam.

After a few swipes and ground slams, Thunderfoot will channel an ability called Enraging Fury, greatly increasing his damage, and making fire come out his eyes. He will also leap towards his current target, painting a gigantic circular telegraph where he will be landing several seconds later. Throughout the fight, colossal mushrooms will spawn somewhere in the arena, and stay there until struck by Thunderfoot. While he is enraging, gather your group mates around the colossal mushroom and wait for him to either come over and smack it or leap towards the mushroom. Doing so will detonate the mushroom, invoking another a MoO and removing the damage buff on Thunderfoot. Straying too close to the edge of the arena will cause the nearby Moodies to cast fire-based projectiles at you that can be easily avoided. Additionally, while Thunderfoot is enraging, small plant bombs will begin falling from the sky, leaving behind poisonous gas clouds that should be avoided. Continue dodging telegraphs and feeding the boss mushrooms until he dies.

I would recommend kiting this boss, rather than tanking him straight on. He possesses no ranged attacks, so as long as your “tank” generates a reasonable amount of threat during the first MoO at the start of the fight, he should be able to hold onto it until the next mushroom spawns. All of Thunderfoot’s attacks hurt, especially when he has the Enraging Fury buff active, but all of them can be avoided by staying mobile and moving around the arena in a large circle, before stacking up at a colossal mushroom. It’s very possible to defeat this boss without anyone taking a single point of damage, but that’s generally not how it plays out. If you’re tanking / kiting, always stay out of reach of the boss and make sure you’re topping the threat table. If you’re healing / DPS’ing, avoid telegraphs and make sure you don’t pass the tank in threat, or you may be facing a quick, painful death.

Melee Attack
• Huge frontal cone that hits hard
• Can be avoided by attacking from behind or staying out of the boss’ range

Thunder Pound
• Frontal ground slam around each fist
• Knocks back and damages everyone in arena unless they jump as the fists hit the ground
• Easily avoided by moving out of the telegraph and jumping

• Targets the highest threat target and leaps at them
• Can be avoided by running out of the telegraph spawned at the landing location
• Typically cast after Enraging Fury
• Great way for moving the boss to a Colossal Mushroom

Enraging Fury
• Uninterruptible channel that massively increases Thunderfoot’s damage
• Makes eyes glow red. Scary!
• Causes plant bombs to fall form the sky, leaving behind poison gas clouds
• Plant bombs can be easily avoided by moving out of the telegraph. Thunderfoot is easy to attack while channeling this ability, just make sure you’re not in his range when it ends!

Congratulations! You've defeated Thunderfist: Blessed Ape of the Windseeker! The rest of the instance is downhill*, so strap on your training wheels and coast! At this point, one of two gates will open up, determining whether you get to run through a volcano using Lopp sorcery or sprint up a mountain avoiding walls, torrents, and pools of fire.
*You’ll actually be travelling uphill for the remainder of the instance

Left Path:
You got the easy path! Get your group together and stick inside the friendly Lopp’s magic air-conditioning bubble. To complete the challenges here, don’t get too far away from the bubble as you’ll take some moderate damage over time from the intense volcanic heat, and be sure to attack the gold-infused ore nodes that pop up periodically throughout your journey. You can get hit by anything and everything in the volcano without losing your gold medal standing, and nothing is particularly damaging. Spam heals, keep up with the Lopp, don’t jump in lava and you’ll be just fine.

Right Path:
You got the slightly harder path! Nothing about this is difficult, but people mess things up on this path all the time. To simplify life, I’d recommend having 1 person run the gauntlet (as that’s what you’ll be doing) and have the rest stay put safely back in Thunderfoot’s arena. This path consists of running up a mountain, dodging various fiery telegraphs until you reach the summit. If you’re running the dungeon casually, you’re free to stand in as much fire as you like, provided you survive to make it to the top. If you’re on a gold run, you’ll need to collect 7 floating red crystals as you go, and avoid getting hit by and fireballs tossed at you by Laveka… a hag perched about a nearby rock formation. Getting hit by walls or lines of fire, or even the fireballs spit out by small volcanic vents at the half-way point is fine. Just don’t get hit by the fireballs she throws at you.

Pro tip: Laveka only attacks visible targets and doesn't shoot fireballs out randomly. As such, you can send the Stalker in your group to run the gauntlet while stealthed so that no fireballs are thrown at the player, and therefore there is nothing to dodge. If the Stalker is in Nano Skin: Agile, then they move at full speed while stealthed, making the run much safer and easier than for the average player. Once one player reaches the top of the mountain, Laveka will despawn, and the rest of your group is able to follow you up without risking your gold medal standing. None of this is necessary if your group mates are able to dodge telegraphs, but even the most seasoned of players stand in the fire sometimes.

Once you’ve all arrived at the top of the mountain, you’ll have a few more trash pulls on your way to your next boss. Many of the mobs here can be avoided with ease, and only a few of them patrol around. If you’re going for a gold run, then you’ll either have to kill 40 marauders, release 15 prisoners, or both. Everything in the area named “Redmoon <Noun>” counts as 1 kill, and prisoners all come in packs of 3 with a Redmoon Jailor.

When you pull a Redmoon Jailor, all of the prisoners will become hostile and attack you. Simply have 1 player take aggro from the Prisoners and pull them away from the Jailor so your DPS can burn him down. Once the Jailor is dead, all living prisoners will turn friendly and run away, counting towards your optional objective. It is possible to kill the prisoners, causing them to not count, but this typically doesn't happen if they are pulled away from the Jailor. The area has 24 or so Prisoners, so don’t feel too remorseful if you get a little trigger happy and kill one or six.
Don’t worry about killing all 40 Redmoon Marauders in this area. There are plenty of them in the coming stages of the instance, so don’t go out of your way to hunt them down now. After several pulls, you’ll find yourself on yet another small cliff looking out onto a circular arena with your next boss, Rosun Octog.

Rosun Octog
Rosun Octog is a… mechanized 3-legged Octopus Squid. Let’s just move past that. This fight is relatively easy in its execution, but has a lot going on. When you first start the fight, Rosun will auto-attack and occasionally use an unavoidable hookshot attack to pull his target to him before channeling a painful ability called Shred. The hookshot attack doesn’t incapacitate you or hurt very much, so if you get pulled, simply walk or dodge roll away from Rosun so that he can’t hit you with his followup attack and you’ll be fine. While you’re chipping away at his health, his pet bird will fly past at ludicrous speed dealing moderate damage to anyone who doesn't get out of his wide linear telegraph. Once Rosun reaches about 75% life, he’ll move to the center of the arena and begin channeling Ink Shield, moving the fight into Phase 2. During this phase, Rosun takes almost no damage from attacks, and spawns a large number of exploding squirgs. Additionally, every 10 – 15 seconds a random player will start dropping puddles of noxious ink that deal damage to the player and anyone else who touches them. The squirgs take a while to explode and the ones that are about to pop will have a large circular telegraph while the ones who have a while left on the mortal coil will have very small telegraphs. Run around killing squirgs so they don’t explode on you and avoid other players who are dropping puddles of ink on the map. If you’re currently dropping ink, keep moving and drop the ink puddles along the outside of the arena or wherever is least likely to cause problems for your group mates.

Once the Ink Shield channel is finished, the fight goes back to phase 1 and the 2 phases swap back and forth until you sauté this overgrown squid and make calamari out of him. Most groups should only encounter 1 – 2 Ink Shield Phases, and you can eek more damage out by tanking him far away from the center of the map as he’ll take full damage on his way over to the center to begin casting Ink Shield. When Rosun hits 50%, he invites you to “touch his monkey” and a drop pod comes rocketing down from who knows where, dealing damage to anyone inside its large circular telegraph. A new challenger has entered the battle! At this point you’ll have to deal with Razooki, a relatively squishy Razortail with a few annoying moves. Largely, Razooki will attack a few times and then die, but if left alive and he can put out some serious damage. Razooki has some moderately damaging auto attacks, along with a knockdown, channeled attack, and aerial bombardment of fecal matter that can cause your group to wipe (no pun intended.) As soon as he arrives, focus on burning down Razooki, and the rest of the fight should carry on without a hitch.

• Targets and pulls 1 player towards Rosun
• Deals light damage
• Unavoidable as the telegraph tracks you
• Followed by Shred

• Deals terrible terrible damage to Dustin Browder and anyone silly enough to stand in the telegraph
• Interruptible (through 3 IA) but generally unnecessary
• Extremely easy to avoid by walking or rolling out of the way

Bird Strike
• Deals moderate damage in a wide linear telegraph
• Typically casts 3 times in quick succession
• Can be easily dodged by strafing or rolling out of the way

Ink Shield
• Reduces incoming damage by 90%
• Spawns mobile squirg bombs
• Causes random player to drop pools of Noxious Ink that deal damage and persist for ~10 seconds
• Kill squirgs before they pop or avoid them when their telegraphs are large
• Avoid players spewing ink

• Arrives in a drop pod when Rosun reaches 50% health. Drop Pod does moderate damage in a large radius around where it lands
• Channeled attack called Razooki Slash does high damage over several hits
• Knocks down randomly (Can be chained, so be careful or you may get CC-locked to death)
• Uses Aerial Bombardment, flinging high-damage poop in circular telegraphs over a huge area
• Kill immediately and is relatively unthreatening

Upon defeating Rosun and his pets, a platform will appear in the North Eastern portion of the map that will carry you and your team to the final portion Skullcano. The platform is extremely large, but jumping is discouraged as you *can* fall off of it and die painfully, instantly losing gold status. (Though I definitely haven’t done this to any of my groups…)

Once the platform has come to a complete stop, you are free to unbuckle your seat belt and proceed. Several more trash pulls await you on your way to either the final boss or the optional boss, Quartermaster Gruh. If one of your optional objectives is to hack the missile consoles, then your first target is immediately to your right upon exiting the platform. Be careful of these Redmoon Maulers, however, as they can chain knockbacks over and over causing a player death or back-to-back interrupts on the healer if not faced away from the group.

Once again, most of the trash in this area can be avoided, though you’ll want to clear some of it to get your marauder kill count up. Be very careful of Ammunition Deposits and Redmoon Furyspitters as you go, though. The barrels will explode when hit, causing a knockdown to everyone in the area (enemies included) , and the Furyspitters can cast a spell that drops 3 pools of lava on your group, each dealing moderate damage every second and stunning players for quite some time.

Continue in a south-westerly fashion towards the bottom left corner of the map to find your second and third missile consoles and the last optional boss, Quartermaster Gruh.

Quartermaster Gruh
Quartermaster Ghuh is very much a “tank-and-spank” style boss. He has a few abilities that can be a nuisance, but nothing that hits very hard or particularly complicates the fight. Simply have the tank face him away from the group and burn him down. Most of his attacks are casts or channeled, and he only has 2 IA armor, so feel free to spam stuns and other CCs to provoke MoOs that will let you tear him apart faster.

Debilitating Barrage
• Hits every 0.5 seconds for light damage and applies a stacking debuff reducing dash token regeneration and movement speed
• Difficult to evade as you rapidly lose your movement capabilities as you take hits. Just have the tank eat it, and keep the boss faced away from the group so it doesn't affect them
• 14_quartermaster_Cast1

• Deals light damage and applies a hefty snare to the target
• Commonly cast every few seconds
• Don’t bother avoiding it

Dead Eye
• Channeled cast that is typically used 3 times in succession, each dealing moderate damage
• Use interrupts on this ability just to avoid taking the damage

With the Quartermaster dead, head East into the Redmoon Entrenchment for the final showdown (queue music.) Upon entering the cave, you’ll be presented with a challenge to defeat Mordechai Bloodmoon within 10 minutes, and have the opportunity to finish off your marauder slaying objective. Additionally, you may be presented with the optional objective of collecting golden objects in the cave, which are easy to spot and interact with as you move along. The first pull can be avoided if you so desire by climbing along the raised, fenced-off area to the left.

The shiny gold objects appear every 1-2 pulls and are the only things in the cave with the little gear icon next to them suggesting you can interact with them. Only 12 Redmoon Marauders spawn in the cave, so make sure you have at least 28/40 slain by the time you enter the cave so you don’t have to come back out and pull another group. Be careful of pulls involving Redmoon Necromancers, as they can CC your entire group with a gravity-based spell. Simply interrupt their cast and punch them in the face and they’ll quickly die. Once you reach the end of the cave, you’ll come to a large circular room with the final boss, Mordechai (Bloodwing, we miss you!) Redmoon.

Mordechai Redmoon
Lace up your track shoes, and get ready to run! Once all members of your party enter the room, a forcefield slams shut behind you and you get to witness a dialogue between Mordechai and Laveka before the fight actually begins. I’d recommend taking this opportunity to stretch so you don’t pull a hamstring and die in the upcoming battle.

After the dialogue completes, the Redmoon Terraformer will fire up in the center of the room, emitting 4 large orange laser beams that will spin in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion. Situate yourself between two beams and begin running in time with the lasers to avoid getting your face melted. As you run, fireballs will come from the pool of lava in the center, leaving medium-sized circles of lava on the floor that will stun you should you drunkenly stumble into them. For the non-geometrically minded, you’ll have much better results running around the center of the room, just above the pool of lava than you will trying to outrun the laser at the outer edge of the room. As you go, you can either weave your way through the pools of lava, or jump over them. Jumping slows you down, however, so be sure to look behind you before you leap to avoid any unwanted laser-based deaths. After roughly 20 seconds of running, the terraformer takes a coffee break and Mordechai Motherf**kin’ Redmoon leaps down to fight.

Mordechai himself isn't nearly as scary as the terraformer lasers. He tends to attack with a long, wide rectangular telegraph that hits in front of and behind him, and occasionally tosses out a grenade that does moderate damage and spawns an invulnerable turret. The attacks are easy to dodge, and the turrets can be safely ignored, but if you find you’re taking too much damage, you can pull him about 20 meters away from the turrets to get out of their range. On occasion, Mordechai will stun a random player and begin charging up Big Bang, an appropriately named ability that deals heavy damage to all targets in its large rectangular telegraph. Use CC abilities to break through his Interrupt Armor and stop the cast, or make use of the breakout gameplay to remove the stun and dodge the attack. After roughly 30% of Mordechai’s health is gone, he’ll leap… somewhere… and the terraformer will fire up again, prompting you to continue your jog around the volcano.

At various points throughout the fight, the terraformer will overload and send out a heat wave that will temporarily blind you, and provoke a MoO on Moredchai if he’s around. You can avoid being blinded by turning your character to face away from the center of the room. This overload *usually* occurs right before Mordechai escapes and you run from the lasers, but it can get out of sync and fire off during the running phase of the fight, greatly reducing your ability to avoid pools of lava. Play it safe and face away from the terraformer when DPS’ing Mordechai.
This pattern of running and fighting repeats until Mordechai reaches 25% health, when he will cease running away like a pansy and make his last stand. During this final phase, everything remains the same, but Mordechai gains a new ability called Vicious Barrage that deals damage in multiple cones spaced out in a 360 degree radius. This ability can be interrupted or dodged with relative ease, so once Mordechai’s at 25%, he’s as good as dead.

• Spawns 4 lasers in a cross shape that rotate around the room. Getting hit by one of these will most likely kill you, so run away from them
• Spits fireballs while the lasers are active, creating pools of lava that stun players who touch them
• Overloads periodically, causing a blind effect and provoking a MoO on Mordechai. Face away from the center of the room to avoid being blinded

Turret Grenade
• Deals moderate damage
• Spawns an invincible turret that will attack 1 player within a ~20m range
• Multiple turrets can be out at once
• Turrets disappear as you run from the terraformer lasers

Big Bang
• Targets 1 player randomly and stuns them
• Deals heavy damage to all players in the large, linear telegraph
• Interrupt it or have the stunned player break the stun and dodge out of the way

Vicious Barrage
• Deals moderate to heavy damage multiple times in large cone-shaped telegraphs
• Cones radiate from Mordechai in a 360 degree arc, and rotate every time he fires
• Can be interrupted or dodged via strafing
• Only gets used once Mordechai is under 25% HP

Polish off his health bar, and wait for him to explode into a pile of brightly-colored pieces of gear. You've just completed Skullcano! A convenient glowing green portal will take you back to Wigwalli Village, or you can ride off into the sunset at your leisure.
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