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#9398503 Apr 18, 2014 at 01:32 AM
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Hey all.

After some recent feedback on the guides I've been writing I'll be taking a second pass on all of them to try and clean them up a little bit and ensure that the information is relevant. Many of the earlier posts were before I had beta access and were theorycrafting based on what leaked information I had available at the time. Major content and balance patches have also come down the line since the original post dates, so some of the information may no longer be accurate or relevant.

There is currently no time-table for getting this done, but it should hopefully be all up to date by mid May so that no one is led astray with bad information as the game's launch date looms. If you're reading through a guide and catch any inconsistencies between the current build of Wildstar and my associated write-up, please shoot me a private message so I can track these anomalies down more easily.

One other thing... I've been getting a lot of comments in the vein of "that's not the best build" and "my build is better" and "stop trying to say your build is the best". These are somewhat surprising to me, as I am by no means trying to offer optimized builds in my class guides. In fact, I generally try and dumb down the builds a bit so they're a bit more obvious with how they should be played and more user-friendly for newcomers to the class. I expect people to get a reasonably firm understanding of their class as they level to 50 and decide on what works best for them within their chosen role. To that end, these sample builds are usually more of "this is one way you might build your character at 50". I think most people are skimming the articles, looking at the builds at the end, and then complaining, without reading any of the justification used to arrive there. I can't control other people's reading comprehension, but I can adjust the language if this is indeed what's coming across. If any of the material you encounter on this site gives the vibe that it's the best, most optimized, or be-all end-all of anything, please let me know and I'll revise it straight away.

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