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<p>move as appropriate. Four, cork floor maintenance of the floor 1 hours after the installation of furniture can be placed on the floor, within 24 hours of the staff to minimize the walking around in it. 2 maintenance of the floor shall not be washed with water, polishing or cleaning with detergent. 3 the surface of the cork floor of the maintenance of the same solid wood floor, the general half a year to play a floor wax; usually only need to wring dry mop or cloth mop. </p>
<p>Difficult to clean the place with special detergent removal. 4 to avoid a strong impact on the floor, moving furniture to lift as a benefit, can not be dragged, furniture legs pad. 5 proposed at the door of a shop floor mats to reduce the wear of sand on the floor. 6 when you are away from home, please close the window, the door, especially the tap, so as not to rain, dripping the floor. 7 winter heating test the water, the family must stay, in case of warmSolid wood </p>
<p>flooring has gradually spread to the homes of ordinary people, environmental comfort is an important factor to consider when consumers buy wood flooring. As one of China's three largest real wood flooring Anxin flooring, in each family has accumulated a certain reputation, with a certain brand effect. The small house and we take a look at Shun floor. Shun company profile PrimeCredit wood (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is the domestic wood floor industry only a </p>
<p>tongue and groove vs decking wood<br />
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seven trust decking boat flooring</p>
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