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<p>Integrity innovation: the industry's first implementation of "identity card" In 2010,Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer long Sheng flooring launched the flooring industry's first product "identity card" Industry only one launched the product "identity card" of the enterprise, the industry known as the "corporate reputation management of a pioneering." "Long Sheng floor ID card" content covers the product ID card number, product number, long life woodpecker 4D services and so on , This is to the consumer's "informed card", "query card", <a href="">WPC Material Flooring Options</a>"service card." Jusheng floor launch of the original intention is: to the user a rest assured, offer a sincere business; to the user a transparent, Service innovation: JiuSheng woodpecker 4D service system for a long time "Woodpecker 4D service system" service personnel after dozens of centralized training, </p>
<p>long Sheng floor all over the country more than 230 cities, nearly more than 5600 received professional and technical training of outstanding service team, has Take a long service professional staff (job certificate,PVC Fence Application at the Horse Ranch certificate), during the 3.15 period, these excellent service team for the customer's installation, use and maintenance to provide thoughtful and meticulous full service. Style innovation: American flavor style long Sheng US flavor in the first quarter to the United States red rubber,<a href="">Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool</a> black walnut and Canadian maple-led to create a US-based home culture based on the US flavor of the original floor; long Sheng US flavor in the second quarter to solid wood flooring Parquet flooring and large relief flooring, open the new era of China's solid wood flooring popular;</p>
<p> long Sheng US flavor in the third quarter, the full introduction of solid wood flooring,<a href="">Buying Wood Plastic Decking</a> laminate flooring and laminate flooring three categories for high-end consumer groups to provide new personalized products The Product innovation: Eucalyptus wood speed raw material modification technology Jusheng floor through technical improvements, with artificial forest, fast-growing eucalyptus wood production for a long time eucalyptus wood floor. Jiusheng flooring is the first flooring industry in China to produce eucalyptus flooring business. Technology innovation: TBT bionic technology for a long time the floor of the researchers, after five years, more than thousands of experiments,Synthetic Teak Marine Decking successfully developed TBT bionic technology, TBT bionic technology Treessun-Bionic-Technology.</p>
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