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#13480756 Oct 13, 2017 at 02:03 AM
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<p>obviously containing solid wood particles board, how can we say that solid wood furniture? In the publicity and sales should be clearly stated, otherwise there will be deliberately deceive consumers suspected. By the quality, material complaints caused by the unification of the home is not new, similar things in Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an </p>
<p>and other places have occurred. This year in March, 'Liao Shen Evening News' reported on the owners of Shenyang in the unification of home to buy solid wood furniture cracks even after the MDF. Ultimately, the unification of the home to the consumer compensation and apology. Can not achieve the 'high level of service' unified home </p>
<p>promotions also launched the '360-degree expert design consultants 24-hour service', and said the unified store in the country set up nearly a thousand domestic and foreign designers team for customer service. And can provide consumers with home improvement design, pipeline circuit design, residential feng shui, landscape and other </p>
" interlocking boards of wood , Fence paint colors , wood panels on walls interior 8ft x 4ft , fire resistance interior wall fabric acoustic panel "
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