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<p>one has been destined to be long, and it is full of unknowns. So we can sum up to sum up, market positioning, the transformation of enterprises have a decisive role. Export to domestic sales is the key to change the boss of the export to domestic sales, the most critical is not people, not money, in the final analysis is the boss thinking change. </p>
<p>Zhu Weihua at the helm of the 'sofa master' Li Hao international interpretation is a successful example of the transition. Before the transformation of Li Hao is a production-oriented, export-oriented, foreign trade enterprises. Transformation to do the domestic market Li Hao is learned to do the brand, do channels. Li Hao, chairman of the </p>
<p>floor, believes that business model innovation is more important than technological innovation. He understood that if in accordance with some of the well-known domestic brands of the traditional model to operate, then Lee Hao can not compete with these brands. Therefore, Li Hao tailored 'membership monopoly model', to create 70% </p>
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