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<P>The floor by a variety of natural causes and man-made reasons, should be regular maintenance, therefore, we put forward "floor is the living body, need timely maintenance" slogan. Golden Eagle Iger floor maintenance experts pointed out: In order to maintain the original color and texture of the floor,lowes stockade fence prices but also to improve the service life of the floor, to have regular conservation.</P>
<P>In general, solid wood flooring installation to be done after a maintenance, and, must use the professional support of the skin care products. For different materials, different surface of the floor,most economical fencing bespoke maintenance of skin care products are not the same.</P>
<P>For oil floor, Golden Eagle has a natural skin care product extracted from soybeans and coconut plants, which are ideal for cleaning and maintenance of oil flooring. This product also has an environmentally friendly effect, can be used for all untreated wood, to the maximum protection of wood surface,wood plastic compoiste fence you can thoroughly clean the surface of wood products stains, can also wash the paint floor.</P>
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