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#13497095 Oct 24, 2017 at 09:34 PM
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<p>industry a service center and improve the flexibility of talent flow mechanism. The municipal government each year in the city of science and technology funds to draw 3 million yuan,<a href=''>cost of installing composite privacy fence</a> specifically for the construction of a branch of wood industry, the district by 1: 1 ratio of financial support, through a branch service center for enterprises to provide technical services, testing experiments, Training, production and research cooperation and other eco friendly flooring in malaysia At the same time learned that this year, Huzhou wood flooring industry in the 'transformation and upgrading of the Year' activities, driven by the rapid development momentum. The latest statistics show that </p>
<p>from January to August, the scale of wood flooring enterprises<a href=''>peel and stick boat decking</a> to achieve the output value of nearly 7.2 billion yuan, an increase of 24.5%, beyond the wood flooring industry revitalization plan to upgrade the average annual growth rate is expected to achieve the output value of 11.5 billion yuan,tongue and groove shower panels An increase of more than 25%. Wood flooring industry is one of the six key specialty industries in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and one of the three pillar industries in Nanxun District of Huzhou. In the end of 2008, Nanxun already has more than 400 wood flooring manufacturing enterprises, is the industry recognized as 'the largest production scale, the largest </p>
<p>number of brands, the region's most concentrated, the industry chain, the industry's largest industrial production and sales of solid wood flooring, The longest 'solid wood flooring production base.<a href=''>how to create a fence that use recycle plastic bottle videos</a> In recent years, Nanxun wood flooring industry adhere to the road of scientific development, and constantly change the mode of industrial development, the pursuit of large-scale, technology, standardization, brand development,vulcraft composite decking and gradually formed a high concentration of industrial clusters, the industry chain is relatively complete, good market reputation Of the industry pattern. This year, Nanxun District, the district government to actively respond to the </p>
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