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Which sand making machine produces finished sand shape is good? Sand making machine with sand and gravel shaping which is better? VSI sand making machine can guarantee the shape of gravel particles? Many projects on the sand and stone granularity requirements Are very high, especially in high buildings, concrete mixing plant, repair speed, iron repair and other projects require the finished sand particle size is good, into a round, cube. There are not many sand making machines on the market that have the functions of shaping sand.
With the gradual increase in the demand for aggregate from all over the country, the market for artificial sand is gradually emerging and rapidly developing. As a result, many manufacturers of machine-made sand have also developed rapidly. Especially in the market of high quality aggregate, the better sand making machine can guarantee the fineness of finished products and the output of finished products, and enhance the quality of customers to a greater extent.
SBM, as the largest research center for ore crushing and sand making in our country, has been continuously pioneering and innovating. Based on the introduction of international advanced crushing technology, SBM has developed and manufactured a large-scale VSI sand making machine according to the needs of the domestic sand and stone market. This sand making machine not only Can achieve large-volume production of gravel, but also for finished sand and plastic processing, to ensure the finished product gravel fineness, grain integrity. Product was a cube, good grain shape, grading reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable; especially suitable for artificial sand and stone plastic.
Of course, the sand making equipment is one of the most advanced sand and gravel shaping equipment. Compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, the sand making equipment has the advantages of large processing capacity, high output and higher output 30% and stable. Vsi sand processing machine to form a new sand production equipment compared to ordinary sand production increased more than 90%, a unique innovative materials processed wear parts, but also can effectively enhance the crushing efficiency and extend the service life of equipment, Reduce the cost of ore crushing sand. SBM not only provides high efficiency and large output of ore crushing and sand making equipment, but also a brand new after-sales service, which can ensure the first-time solution to customer's site problems and protect the interests of customers.
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