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between the other items within the validity period of the "Three Guarantees".On July 18, 2007, Sina Home Channel specially invited Mr. Yang Jianzhong, President of Pan-American Flooring Corporation, to come to the guest room to chat. On January 18, 2007,
Mr. Yang Jianzhong, President of Pan-American Flooring, Room, chatting with the majority of users Pan American brand story. Haili pan-American start is a kind of pioneering and innovative spirit, but also this pioneering spirit, has been running through the development of Pan-American.
Pan Am has created a lot of first place in this industry. In 1995, the Pan American took the lead in developing Brazilian forests to develop the flooring of Brazilian timber. A year later, in 1996, the first tranche of high-quality timber from Brazil was sent to China,
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