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<p>that in the past, the composite wood flooring should be bonded with a raw material called 'urea-formaldehyde glue.' After replacing the material with thermoplastic and resin in the new process, <a href=''>pvc wall cladding suppliers</a>the composite wood flooring would not contain formaldehyde. 'Many research institutes are also studying other alternative materials, but only this technology is mature and stable.' At present, the national standardsalternative to outdoor plywood for the implementation of the formaldehyde emission floor is mandatory environmental standards, E1 grade, ≤ 1.5mg / L , The market is currently the best composite wood floor formaldehyde content is 0.5mg / L. However, even 0.5 mg / L is higher </p>
<p>than the WHO safety standard for formaldehyde content less than or equal to 0.3 mg / L for wood floors. 'According to our survey last year, nowadays, 75% of the wooden floors in the Anhui market are substandard,<a href=''>decking board price jewson</a> even at E1 level.' It seems even more important when the new product is used. floor tiles uk tongue groovedJiang Ming said: 'From the information we have learned, the plan of this formaldehyde-free composite wood flooring is very hot now and it is likely to be put on the market by August this year.' The price of 'formaldehyde-free' composite wood flooring , For the average consumer is not worth planning? Jiang Ming said, 'Compared with the old craft, production </p>
<p>costs will increase by 10% to 15% of the overall pricing impact, but not too much.' Shao Wei, reporter
The world's most influential environmental organizations <a href=''>outdoor wooden fence</a>--- WWF and SGS Group (Swiss SGS) issued Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Certification. This is the first floor of the domestic enterprises through this certification, but also means that the security floor access to enter the international market, 'permits.' Like the 'Green Food' certification of foodstuffs, Forest Certification means ontario canada decking'labeling' timber and its products that comply with environmental standards to ensure the sustainable development of the forest. China's exports of forest </p>
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