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<p>Ltd., Changzhou Commodity Co., Ltd., Heng Lin Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Henglin Town, Nanfang Village Economic Cooperation and Changzhou Tianma Vientiane Municipal Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.<a href=''>decking reviews 2015 uk</a> jointly invest in development. The project plans a total area of ​​973 acres, construction area of ​​700000 square meters. One of the project planning area of ​​300 mu, the implementation area of ​​120 mu, wood plastic composites project casebuilding area of ​​100,000 square meters. With the functions of main business shops, warehousing and logistics, logistics facilities, shops along the streets, living facilities and business centers, etc., Yulin International Flooring </p>
<p>City will focus on the development of such functions as trade, commerce and wholesale services such as wholesale, retail and finance. Yangtze River Delta, the world-renowned, with international standards,<a href=''>maintenance free decking manufacturers</a> brand wooden flooring and commercial furniture wholesale and logistics-oriented, and information consulting, business talks, brand exhibitions, convention and exhibition promotion, living and living a variety of modern functions in one of the largest High-quality international floor direct sales base. It is estimated that by 2010, the transaction scale of horizontal forest flooring,price per foot of plastic decking raw and auxiliary materials and related products in specialized markets will exceed </p>
<p>12 billion yuan, of which the export volume will reach 3.2 billion yuan. In 2006, the export volume of wooden floor accounted for one third of the country's Heng Lin.<a href=''>polyethylene based composite decking</a> Due to the lack of the support of high-profit R \u0026 D design, brand marketing and integrated logistics and other production services, it is also largely limited to 'manufacturing and processing Area'. Larger and stronger flooring industry,cheap ways of decking can not do without large, perfect and convenient professional market as a support, the lack of industry service area, has become horizontal flooring Laminate flooring industry, the rapid development of the bottleneck. The birth of Heng Lin International Floor </p>
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