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<p>but the processing is absolutely not to be ignored. The height, width, and length of the floor must be very good for the geometric tolerances, because it is artificially controllable,<a href=''>cheap outdoor decks in singapore</a> and if this is to be shirked, there is nothing to do; however, the color difference of the material , Timber grades, is scarred, white edge of these things who can control it? Therefore, from the level of consumer philosophy is concerned,composite decking for sale discount foreign customers that China's customer requirements vary widely. The second point is the length of the floor. We Chinese traditional consumption is like to use 90 cm long, or one meter two, a small amount of 60 cm of this fixed-length floor. Foreign </p>
<p>customers do not like this,<a href=''>wicker sets trinidad</a> as long as they are 30 centimeters above, 40,50,60 can be used, they called 'jumble floor', he think this shop is more lively and more style. And some consumers may have used, we used the Chinese traditional 90 cm long fixed-length floor, the effect of paving the same as bricklaying, very regular, he thinks this is too fake, a bit like a man-made floor, laminate flooring ,engineered wood plastic composite pallet Strengthen the floor so artificial floor, he believes that the floor should be short and long, so as to show the randomness of the wood itself. Creative lag The third difference is that our creativity is not strong enough. Overseas like to use antique flooring, to some </p>
<p>relief floor and lace floor, these things with our philosophy is somewhat different, of course, now our domestic customers have gradually accepted this view, these things we are lagging behind.<a href=''>joist span for composite decking</a> 'China's wood products have been used for thousands of years and are very extensive. And the technical content of processing in China is undoubtedly very high. How to transfer our culture into our renovated wood floor may not be possible with You can not blindly follow the style of Europe and the United States, to find our own cultural connotation of China's things,glass panels for outside deck suppliers in norther ireland and then put it into our wood products to carry inside. 'Lai Wood, vice president of Wood received an </p>
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