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<p>affirmed the achievements made by the company. At the same time, we also hope that Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd., as one of the initiators of the alliance, will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of <a href=''>caravan veranda northern ireland</a>'Endeavor for a long time and climb to the top' and play a leading role in demonstrating scientific and technological innovation. Xu Aukong, deputy general manager of the company, Sun Weisheng, director of R \u0026 D and other company leaders accompanied the research group visited the Jiu-Shing floor brand experience museum, production workshop and R \u0026 D center, stain plastic to look like woodand held a forum. Dr. Sun Weisheng, on behalf of the Company, </p>
<p>reported to the research team about the company's basic conditions, the significance of participating in the coalition, the benefits brought to the enterprises by participating in the coalition's innovation activities,<a href=''>weak composite decking</a> and suggestions for the future development of the coalition.clear vinyl plastic winter panels Dr. Sun Weisheng said that by participating in the alliance's technological innovation activities, not only the major technical problems of the enterprises were solved in a low-cost and high-efficiency manner, but also the cooperation among enterprises and the exchange of talents within the industry were promoted and the cooperation of 'production, study, research and use' was deepened. </p>
<p>Mechanism; through industrial information sharing,<a href=''>teak and holly foam deck</a> reduce blind investment and duplication of enterprises, so that business development goals and strategies to develop clearer and more scientific. At the same time, it is suggested to the research group that the relevant departments such as the State Forestry Administration and the Ministry of Science and Technology should further increase their support for the coalition and raise the alliance's privacy wooden fence panels average cost 8ft panelssay in industrial policies and other fields. It is proposed that the coalition should absorb more scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning in relevant fields And business to join, to further </p>
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