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resources and the health that assure a forest develop, should carry out a forest strictly to cut quota system, the organization carries out formulate composite lumber in comparison to solid wood forestry to develop a program, according to classification management mode classification is carried out, commonweal Lin Yan is in charge of, commodity forest puts work. Should perfect land to contract at the Anti-aging kitchen wood flooring same time, silvan insurance system, for silvan health

development provides safeguard. Can last the ultimate goal that forestry develops ought to be implementation forestry development, make forestry can retain lowes Fireproof decks prices vigor for a long time. Of forestry policy make ought to reflect the pattern that can develop continuously, return OK and proper imbibition when making policy of course the outstanding gain of abroad that manages an aspect about forestry serves as draw lessons

from. 3 brief summary The last few years, the economy of our country got flying development really, the standard of living of corresponding people also got very big tongue and groove fence boards improvement, however Cong Mou is planted tell on degree, the development of our economy is to build in the destruction to the environment, haze of greenhouse effect, mist is best proof, the occurrence of these environmental problems makes our life
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