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popular, this main ascribe market superintends not do one's best, castigatory strength is inferior. The Xi'an Ao Kai that goes out with exploding in March 2017 " how to install horizontal wood planks cable door " incident is exemple, like Ao Kai such inferior product can take the qualified report that superintends a branch to quality unexpectedly, the specification superintends existence flaw about sectional quality, execute the

law strength is insufficient. polished composite timber floors And at present our country has not built perfect contract to fulfill evaluate a system with credit, win the bid the person breaks the law after breaking one's promise, can be not given by Qing Dynasty accordingly the market, illegal cost is low, bidder of as a result nots hesitate break the law dig benefit. Mark of baleful low lumber made of plastic and wood contest violated market principle,

cause actor discard bad to get the better of, adverse to innovation enterprise. By " minimum price wins the bid " the problem of mark of baleful low contest that deck packages 84 lumber cause violated market principle, the actor discard bad that creates the market is gotten the better of, encourage is shoddy, bring about product and project quality more and more inferior, jerry even, care of safe problem can, future
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