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environmental protection of lumber processing factory can be held! County of Heibei Langfang Wen An is left on November 19 each bank guard receives " 2+26 " composite landscape timbers for garden the city is messy corrupt processing spot can prepare meeting content: 1. checks and accept unqualified enterprise to have total stop production late from today. 2. was not passed acceptable the enterprise cannot be produced absolutely.

3. is messy corrupt gather upson pvc door philippines up leather factory, smash makings, break off platelet to wait, demolish thoroughly inside 7 days, return place appearance. 4. tricycle clears, village each road sanitation clears. 5. safe production, responsibility needs investigate. 6. country enrages acting coal project, left Liu Tan is the slowest! Project round off, electrical wiring 2 x 6 x 12 wpc Embossing decking Supplier politics finish inside 3 days.

7. straw combustion, large hole, conduit does good sanitation to defend! 8. ensures a letter to seek stability, break the law appeal for help to be handled lawfully. Clew: Recently, countrywide other area also publishs repair program detailed rules in succession, environmental protection situation wpc manufacturer exterior wpc decking in czech is tight with each passing day, ask broad lumber boss to be rectified and reform actively, reduce
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