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timberwork building is in China, guo says, at present home already had 2000 many timberwork building, basically distributing to be mixed in Shanghai, Ning Bo, Qingdao, free turtle planter layout plans Chengdu, Dalian Shenzhen and other places, still have 600 many in be being built. The comparison that building of this kind of timberwork builds in Shanghai is much, more and more get of Shanghai person love. Business of a few

development also is interested quite, Plastic wood wall panel before every month has development company now, will negotiate, consult concerned business. Speak of the price, mr Guo Jie thinks the question is not big, the concrete building of current price and home is about the same, every square metre is controlled 3000 yuan, and it is to join key project entirely, the building using composite as Embossing deck skirting materials product of use United

States and lumber are built, it is OK that resident need not be decorated occupy goes. Be in the United States, the monomer residence of a 185 square metre, use commonly 8 to 11 workers, about 90 build to 120 days, make career fast, cost is low, the citizen of big city should be canned afford. gatehouse fence vinyl installation In the light of home a variety of misgive to timberwork building mix consumer to be not known, mr Guo
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