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centuries China " interviewed Gu Qingwen of director of Chinese furniture association. In cheap product is superfluous Reporter (the following abbreviation writes down) : The Best Composite Decking Available The development of Chinese furniture line of business is the problem that everybody cares all the time, so is the current situation of Chinese furniture line of business what kind of? Gu Qingwen (the following abbreviation merchant) : The development rate

of Chinese furniture line of business is very rapid, california fence supply fremont ca last year the countrywide industry production value of furniture industry 1400 yuan of RMBs, among them Guangdong occupies 30 % , export the specified number among them for 39. 900 million dollar, than going up year of growth 11. 05 % . Write down: Allegedly, Gatineau Portable Deck System furniture company of China had last year quite one part product is doing business of lose money in

business, true condition whether such? Merchant: Have this kind of case really, because,this is of a lot of manufacturers start a product formerly less, copy risks composition more, the product is coessential turn an issue serious, what created the market so is slow-moving, having partial private enterprise is indebted manage. elegant kitchen paneling tanzania Write down: Whether do this explain at present Chinese furniture market has appeared to
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