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Sand making machine is a sand machine modified from PCL vertical axis impact crusher. It is a new type of sand making equipment widely used in the market, and it is the fifth generation and sixth generation of impact breaking sand making machine. Many people call it a new type of sand making machine.
The new type of sand making machine is optimized by the impeller and cavity type, and it is higher than the original equipment in production efficiency. There are two major outstanding capabilities:
First, the ability to crush
Sand mill impeller line speed can reach 70-80m / s, throwing head and counter block is installed in the periphery of the impeller, they hit the material at such speeds, giving the material a powerful blow to make it crush. In addition, after the material is thrown, it will collide with the head of the material, the guard plate and the material layer, and continue to crush. In high-speed impact and repeated collisions, part of the material will be crushed to 4.75mm.
Second, the ability to shape
When the whole center feeds, the Sand making machine uses the hammer to break the material and throw the material, and the material will also impact the protective plate. When the bedding layer is formed on the protective plate, the material will impact on the material layer. The material on the material layer is rubbed.
When the flow falls, the impact friction between the materials will be more.
In short, in the sand machine cavity, the material is subject to collision friction from all angles, and the good grain shape is predictable.
With these two capabilities, there are many applications of sand making machines in the market, but they are mainly applied in two aspects. The main one is the production of machined sand, including pebbles, stones, scraps, scraps, tailings and other resources. In the shaping of the aggregates, the spring-cone-breaking type of the discharged material is not good, and the impact-type sand-making machine can be used to shape the shape.
In the shaping of limestone or sand production, it is necessary to properly reduce the speed and reduce its fine-grinding capacity, otherwise the powder content will be very large.
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