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<p>for the continuous development of the company.<a href=''>homemade planter ideas</a> This time, the establishment of Kendiya's 'forestry and sand prevention base' has also received the support of dealers from all over the country and stated that it will work together with the headquarters to improve the living environment, control sand storms,can a decking have tongue and groove decking and make efforts to add 'green' to Beijing 08. Here, the reporter also hopes to see more companies join the ranks of Kendiya, and at </p>
<p>the same time as the company develops,<a href=''>build a hog wire deck rail panel</a> it will do its part for social development and environmental governance.Although China's wood flooring industry started late and has a poor foundation, it has developed rapidly and has experienced a period of rapid development for more than a decade. cost per square foot to build a wood deck decoratingThe industry has entered a mature stage, and its products are diversified. China's wood floor production scale is 600 million m2, and its production </p>
<p>value is close to 1,000. With 100 million yuan, the volume of production,<a href=''>how to install deck tiles on dirt</a> exports and consumption ranks first in the world. The production of wood and bamboo flooring in 2013 was 690 million m2, a year-on-year growth of 14.1%, of which solid wood flooring was 130 million m2, accounting for 19.1% of the total output;12 inch high garden fencing solid wood composite flooring was 260 million m2, accounting for 37.5% of all wood and bamboo flooring </p>
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