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<p>necessary. Therefore, in 2011,<a href=''>how to build flooring on second floor</a> the flooring industry should be "competing and cooperating".It is said that the sunny days in May are the seasons when the merchants are full of money and are full of joy, but this kind of joy is obviously not patronizing the flooring industry this year.home depot balcony installation price The operators of the major domestic building materials market generally feel that the business is weak and the business is more uncomfortable. As early as April, the </p>
<p>promotion of the floor market began to start,<a href=''>should laminate be perpendicular in a hallway</a> solid wood floor disc beans 159, longan 138, these unprecedented ultra-low prices are not uncommon. If low-price marketing is just a tactic of small manufacturers, it is a big mistake, because many big brands have also begun to participate in the melee this year.1 by 6 pressure treated lumbar redwood lowes This means that if you want to win over consumers, you must constantly reduce profits, or even unprofitable, which directly leads to </p>
<p>the frustration of many floor operators' confidence.<a href=''>fence post in hollow concrete block</a> Price war, really cheap consumers? In the past, the price war of “collective suicide” in the color TV industry was memorable. The homogenization of products and services caused the whole industry to fall into vicious competition.pvc wall panels thailand Domestic color TVs have been overshadowed by “low price and low quality” for many years. But the floor is different from the color TV, the color TV is </p>
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