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<p>Geothermal has the characteristics of large reserves, wide distribution, clean and environmental protection, good stability and high utilization coefficient. It is a realistic and competitive new energy 5 foot composite fencing source. The development and utilization of geothermal resources requires a complete set of technologies and requires a lot of money, usually developed and utilized by the national government.</p><p> What kinds of floor heating and geothermal are respectively? It is an artificial heating good quality good wpc decking prices form and can be divided into several types. In terms of thermal media quality, it can be divided into two types: water floor heating and electric floor heating; if it is divided from pavement structure, it can be divided into wet floor heating and dry floor heating; if it is divided from surface decoration materials It can be divided into floor type floor heating and floor tile type floor heating; if it is divided by function, it can be divided into ordinary floor heating and far infrared floor heating. When we choose floor heating, we can choose the right kind of floor heating how to cover a patio floor according to the actual needs of the family.</p>
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