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I admittedly didn't get to play a whole lot of Wildstar in its final year, but I had an account since pre-order, and pretty much everyone I knew stopped playing it. But I'd come in here and there when I could, level up, do quests, mess with my house. And just months ago I was thinking, I'm gonna get back into this for real now and you know, make my character the best she can be.

And then a month later the notice came and I was just like ... you've got to be joking.

But it's gone, it's just gone. And I'm scrolling through lists and lists and lists of other MMOs but nothing really seems to look or feel anywhere remotely the same. I tried picking up Rift again but it isn't quite right. I went into Aion and that doesn't really do it, I'm not feeling it. Bless Online, BDO, B&S, TERA, Revelation, Ryders of Icarus, Archeage, FFXIV, Guid Wars 2, even World of Warcraft itself—None of it feels right.

Unless someone has some kind of magical suggestion I think I'm done with MMOs, and that's saying a lot because it's been my favorite genre since I got out of highschool in 2003. But maybe it's time to move on
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