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For ramen, we prefer noodles that are thinner than soft ones. medan lake toba tour package Location: Shinjuku (Tokyo) Price: 1150 yen (Shoyu Ramen), 1200 yen (Tsukemen). This Nemu Ramen is from the results of browsing which it says are included as one of the most popular ramen in Japan. We came here a little earlier than dinner time in general, so we didn't have to stand in line. Once you enter the message directly on medan travel agency and give the order ticket to the staff behind the desk.

For medan tour package, it feels quite complex and enjoyable, although it is somewhat unsatisfied because it usually eats ramen with thick creamy sauce. The topping is a bamboo shoot, kakuni (this is really good!), Leeks, tamago eggs and a sheet of nori.Menya Musashi TsukemenFor tsukemen, served in 2 bowls. A bowl of noodles, a few pieces of kakuni and an egg. The sauce is served in a different bowl, thick and there are medan tour package. Very rich in flavor. Interesting to try!

The seating lake toba tour package is simple, the shape of the bar is all facing toward the kitchen. Moments Musashi The inner part here is a shoyu-based ramen sauce which is said to use a mixture of pork and chicken bones. But there is a little taste of seafood because it is also added to using dried fish. Not bad, different variations of tonkotsu ramen that we always choose. Mom's Musashi Here Adam orders lake toba tour package and for the first time Susan tries Tsukemen.
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