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Wildstar Launch Event

Steamhawke / May 30, 2014
Welcome, one and all to Steamhawke Gaming!

In honor of the launch of the brand new MMORPG Wildstar, I'll be hosting the vVv Gaming 24 Hour Live Stream Marathon Launch Event sponsored by Steelseries! Starting at 12:01 AM, and running for 24-straight hours (or until I drop dead) we'll have levelling, question and answer sessions, PvP, and of course... awesome giveaways. Come join us on the Live vVv Gaming twitch channel to watch, chat, play with me, or just simply nab yourself a brand new gaming headset or mouse.

If you're looking for a guild or community call home, I encourage you to check out vVv Gaming and join us on Dominion side of the NA PvP server, Pergo. I'll be focusing my time and efforts in becoming a top-shelf 3v3 arena player with the Stalker class, but still be engaged in battlegrounds, warplots, raiding, gold-level dungeon runs, sweet hoverboard tricks, interior decorating, and all manner of other Nexus-based goodness. Of course, I'll continue to publish content here every Monday and Thursday, but with a greater focus on high level PvP and with MOAR VIDEO CONTENT. I'd love to play with you all and have you along for the journey from scrub to god-tier, so if you're interested in joining me and the rest of the vVv community, I encourage you to head on over to the vVv forums and apply today!



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