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Moving Forward

Steamhawke / Jun 02, 2014
Alright everyone... it's time for real talk.

Wildstar has launched, and I'm gearing up to go big with the game, and use it as a central platform for launching myself as a professional gamer and streamer. I'm a newly graduated Electrical Engineer, and want to give this thing my all so that I can achieve my dreams of turning video games into something more than a hobby. I've been gaming for almost 20 years now, and have always had a competitive drive, so I'm excited to try and play at the highest tier of Wildstar PvP. I've been writing for slightly less than that time, and have found that it's a valuable tool for generating content and interacting with the community. I'm a highly sarcastic guy who has never won any popularity contests, but has always had a strong sense of community. So I've built this site to function as something of a portfolio of my writing and gaming accomplishments... and want you all to join with me as I take each and every step from where I stand now to where I'll end up (wildly famous, of course). The support of my fans, followers, and fellow gamers is going to be what makes or breaks this attempt at reaching Internet stardom, so my fate is in your hands. That being said.. .here's what I'm looking at doing in the coming months:

  1. Stream regularly; stream often. With my new game of choice finally being released to the masses, I will be levelling, raiding, practicing, and kicking some serious booty on the planet Nexus. Through this entire process, I will be streaming my PvE experiences as I level characters up to the cap and begin raiding and engaging in other challenging PvE content. Along the way I will be engaging in PvP like crazy, attacking anyone I meet in the open world and playing Battlegrounds religiously. Once at level cap, I will be banding together with several other rockstar players to form one of the greatest 3's arena teams ever known to man. All of this will be live streamed on my Twitch channel, in a regularly scheduled fashion.
  2. Release high-quality gaming content. Since I aim to be a top shelf player and I care about the gaming community, I want to devote my time and efforts into producing high quality written and visual content that will help other players become better, more competitive gamers. To this end I will begin creating videos weekly, and continuing to publish written articles on builds, strategies, and game mechanics to help educate you fine readers as to how you can gain an edge in Wildstar and other games. New guides will be posted on this website every Thursday.
  3. Write about my journey of becoming a professional gamer. This is going to be a long, difficult process. Trying to build a following, demonstrate my skills, get my content noticed, and establish myself as a credible figure on the Internet is going to take a lot of time and effort. Battling login queues and poor viewership during stream events, dealing with toxic community members who show up and try to tear me and my friends down, and remaining fun, engaging, and respectful will be challenging. The success of my efforts will ultimately be determined by you, but i want to be as transparent as possible about where I'm at, what I'm struggling with, and how I'm doing on my road to becoming a professional gamer. As such, I will be writing up a weekly article dripping with opinions and personal thoughts that give will give you all a much deeper, more intimate sense of what it takes to make your dreams a reality.
  4. Empower other gamers. Almost all video games, especially MMOs, rely heavily on social interaction to be successful. Players tend to enjoy their time much more when they're part of a community that will aid and encourage them. Too many times have I seen the gaming community lash out and tear down fellow players, simply because they were new and did not understand the game mechanics or fully grasp a boss fight. Gaming, at its core, is meant to be fun. As such, I believe that players should look to enjoy themselves and each other as they game... so I want to foster a respectful mentality amongst my peers that will persevere through the darkness of the Internet and offer everyone a chance to conduct themselves in a respectful but laid back manner. I am not able to change how players behave, but I can behave in a manner that aligns with this notion, and encourage others to do the same. If you do not like something I'm doing, call me out on it, and feel free to discuss it with me. I want to be very honest and open with other gamers, and help them grow and become better players and people, rather than bash on them for the sake of my own ego. Me and my ilk are here to make gaming a positive experience, so leave your crap at the door and focus on building each other up.
  5. Bring light to gaming couples. I am a geek. I am a dork. I am very comfortable with who I am, and will not try to cover up this side of me. I have an incredibly intelligent, beautiful, kick ass girlfriend who not only accepts this side of me, but encourages it. Men don't all have to be tall, dark athletes with rock hard abs and bulging biceps. Women don't all have to buy into media stereotypes and worry about their appearances. We are who we are, and when we can accept each other's geekiness, we have something awesome. To embody this, I want to start a weekly stream where I game with my girlfriend in an honest and genuine manner. We both like very different games, and both have very different attitudes when it comes to competitive gaming. But in spite of all this, we manage to find middle ground where we both can enjoy our efforts and have fun, no matter how much we die. Gaming can be an excellent activity for couples to game in, and guys and gals alike shouldn't have to hide their nerdy side. Tune in and join us for the upcoming show "Off the GCD" where we'll chat, have fun, and enjoy the company of each other and the community in a social gaming night.

To accommodate these changes, I'll be revamping the website and rolling out a series of changes in the next few weeks that will give a firm foundation for each of these to take off. My twitch channel is currently active and up to date, but will soon be given a broadcasting schedule so you can know when to watch the live stream and catch any replays for sessions that you missed. My youtube channel is very new, with one video on it, but this will start changing very quickly as I produce video guides and host them there. I'll be restructuring the sitemap so that players can more easily find the content that they are most interested in, be it the blog of my struggles and successes, the latest PvP builds, or simply the forums o0r shoutbox where players can link up with each other and chat. I am just one man, and this is a large undertaking, but I very much want to be engaged with everyone who comes along with me, so you're always welcome to contact me on a one-on-one basis to chat about games, builds, suggestions, complaints, or how scary Haast's Eagles are. It's an open door policy here at Steamhawke gaming, where I'll be upfront and honest with you... but expect the same in return. So... the journey begins right here...

Tally Ho!


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