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Video Guide - Stalker Ability Breakdown: Nano Field vs. Frenzy

Steamhawke / Jul 01, 2014
Hey, all!

I have just started to delve into video editing and production, and have produced my first ever video guide. For my first topic, I chose to cover the tradeoffs between the Stalker Support abilities Nano Field and Frenzy and how each one stacks up when it comes to tanking. I was receiving questions about my tanking builds quite frequently in my live streams, and decided to put this together to explain in detail where each ability shines, and why I personally prefer to run Nano Field.

In a nutshell, Nano Field beats the tar out of Frenzy in terms of threat generation and threat generation is the number one priority for tanks, especially when you get into raid content and are trying to hold aggro against well geared DPS classes with tons of damage buffs rolling and heavily optimized builds. This is due to the fact that Nano Field is off the global cooldown (GCD) and can therefore be stacked on top of your auto attack spams of Whiplash, allowing you to simultaneously build and spend your suit power, and effectively giving you ~3 attacks / second on average.

As this is my first video guide, I would greatly appreciate feedback from you all on how i can improve the quality of these for the future so that they're more accessible and easy to watch/understand without becoming boring. I wrote the script for this and then found myself not really knowing what all to put into the visual portion of the guide to give you something to look at while I jabber on, so that's definitely one area I'd like to improve in.

Anywho, here's the guide!


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