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Steamhawke Does South America

Steamhawke / Jul 16, 2014
Hey, everybody!

I will be absent from my normal streaming and content production for approximately 1 month as I spend some time with family, and explore South America. I have just recently graduated from college and am taking a few weeks off to travel and go on vacation with some family members. Upon returning, I will be moving out of my home of 3 years and begin the great apartment jostle of adulthood.

While I am gone, I will be in something of a technology blackout. I will not be gaming, streaming, or creating content from July 14th until my return in mid August. I will once again spool up with video guides, blog posts, and videos on a weekly basis, as well as reestablish a regular and frequent streaming schedule. I plan on being back online and active starting the week of Monday, August 18th, but I may be slowed a bit by any civil unrest in foreign countries, lack of a place to live and stream from upon my return, and the infestation of D-Wolves that Colorado has suffered from recently. I may be able to start streaming the week prior to the 18th, but expect me to be back by that date.

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying life and backpacking through South America. I will be scuba diving in the Galapagos islands, hiking the Inca trail to Macchi Pichu, and dining on pirrahna in the Amazon River Basin. I look forward to the excitement and enjoyment of the trip, and taking some time to explore a different portion of the world to enjoy the culture, cuisine, and experience. When I return, I'll be spooling up to make my passion for gaming a legitimate career path, and I'd love to have you all along for that journey. So... spend some time with your loved ones., power level a new toon, prep your desk for nonstop gaming sprees, and I'll see everyone in a month!



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