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Steamhawke / Jan 28, 2014
Welcome, everyone, to the Steamhawke Gaming website!

All portions of the site are now up and running! Everything is still in its infancy, but the Forums, Chat Room, Guild Wars 2, WildStar, and Stream pages all seem to be functional and operational. I have posted some initial content on each of these segments of the site to give an example of things to come. Please peruse what I have up so far and stay tuned for future installments of content!

A note on the general layout for the site:
The bulk of the website's content will appear in the forums and the game-specific pages at the top. As I am currently playing Guild Wars 2, I will publish content on the GW2 page for general viewership, and copy it over into the forums for discussion and commenting. Similarly, as I update the main page (with posts like this one) I will push a copy of it into the forums for archiving and conversation. I do not currently have access to the Wildstar beta, but will begin theorycrafting and posting information on what I suspect will be important/viable/powerful in PvP, as I fully intend on hitting the ground running with that game and rapidly ascending to the top of the competitive scene.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to get into contact with me so that I can continue developing this site to be a feature-rich, user-friendly experience chock full of awesome content. Otherwise, please be respectful, helpful, and enjoy using my website!

Steamhawke / Jan 28, 2014
Hey everybody!

As of today, Steamhawke Gaming is officially a thing. I just finished out my Fall semester at the University of Colorado, and am ready to gear up and start building a web presence and following over the course of this Winter break, upcoming Spring semester, and future as whole.

The current plan is to get a reasonable-looking website up and running and start adding content on both Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar as time allows to try and build this into a one-stop location for all things related to me and my gaming career. Hopefully that means pseudo active forums, a maintained schedule of upcoming events and all sorts of sweet content for the games I currently play.

If you have any recommendations, insight, or would like to get on board with this whole project, please feel free to get in touch with me and we can hash something out. Otherwise, as I expect next to no one will actually read this... jog on!