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(Dec 14, 2016)
hello i'm from china shanghai city
(Dec 14, 2016)
(May 25, 2016)
(Oct 04, 2014)
(Sep 29, 2014)
(Sep 13, 2014)
(Jul 16, 2014)
However, upon my return, all of these things wil lreturn with a vengeance, and I'll be setting out on a 1 yer journey to go from casual to professional in terms of content development, streaming,an gaming. See you all in a month!
(Jul 16, 2014)
I'll be out of the country from July 14th through August 15th or so. During this time I will not be streaming, writing, or producing videos.
(Jul 11, 2014)
great guide,'ve shared with the guildies.
(Jul 10, 2014)
Each step takes some effort on its own,, but this should give you an "at a glance" overview of what you have yet to get ready for raiding.
(Jul 10, 2014)
Pre-Raid checklist is up for the first 20 man raid, Genetic Archives!
(Jul 03, 2014)
Endgame Tank Stlker gearing guide is up! Get ready to spam those Nano Fields in style!
(Jun 27, 2014)
love your dps engineer stuff, hoping to try your tanking suggestions soon
(Jun 26, 2014)
THanks, pervy. Haven't been posting lately while getting my life in order and stream developed. Glad to have ya sticking around and reading me stuff still. :D