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(May 29, 2014)
All guides, articles, and writeups barring the class specific ones have been updated and tagged with the current build so that readers are informed *when* this information was last relevant.
(May 26, 2014)
New comparative guide to the strengths and weaknesses of each tank class is up. Check it out on the Wildstar front page or in the forums!
(May 25, 2014)
Crowd Control effects guide has been updated and given a complete revamp to include some PvE information and graphics! CHECK IT OUT NAO!
(May 20, 2014)
By popular demand, yes. Looks like one of those will be popping up here in the near future.
(May 20, 2014)
nice healer info. Anything on tanks in the comming weeks?
(May 19, 2014)
Wildstar Monday hath come! Harken to yon forums and read up on how to choose the right healing class for you!
(May 15, 2014)
It's Wildstar Thursday and today we're finishing up our class guides with a writeup on Warrior tanking. Enjoy!
(May 12, 2014)
Warrior DPS guide is up for Wildstar Monday! Hopefully you hugged your Mother yesterday and thanked her for bringing you into a world filled with such writeups.
(May 08, 2014)
Medic Healing guide is up for a very late Wildstar Thursday submission. Enjoy!
(May 06, 2014)
Thanks, sage! Medics are all kinds of fun. I feel like they're probably the class that gets tohe most out of Wildstar's combat system, so they're a blast to both DPS and heal with.
(May 06, 2014)
awesome, a medic guide!! I definatly want to try this one out
(May 05, 2014)
Medic DPS guide is up for Wildstar Monday! Give it a look on the Wildstar front page or in the forums! :D
(May 01, 2014)
Spellslinger Healer guide is up. Learn all about Friendly Fire this week!
(Apr 30, 2014)
Back to playing Dark Souls tonight after a decently long break. Hope I don't get wrecked!
(Apr 28, 2014)
It's Spellslinger week here on steamhawke Gaming, and we're kicknig things off with a guide to SS DPS. Check it out!
(Apr 24, 2014)
In the meantime, enjoy some of the other guides and check out the stream. Welcome to the site!
(Apr 24, 2014)
Thanks a lot Geniq! I put a ton of time and effort into them, so I'm glad they're of use to you. Medic guides for DPS and Healing are slated for the near future (probably being released the week after next).
(Apr 24, 2014)
Insane guides, keep up the good work, would love a medic one, even though the class may be changed again, thanks again
(Apr 24, 2014)
Twice a week every week! Keep coming back for Wildstar Mondays and Thursdays. :)
(Apr 24, 2014)
Awesome, you just keep them comming!!